Prepare & File Your Federal and State Taxes for FREE

File your taxes online for free

Free Federal & State Tax Filing

Discover how easy it is to file your taxes for free, and get your refund quickly! Goodwill is offering a tax filing service to assist qualifying individuals.

File online. Click the button below:

Who Qualifies?

  • Individuals or families with a combined income of $57,000 or less

Need computer access or extra assitance?

  • File at the Goodwill Career Center with an onsite IRS certified tax coach. Call 714.547.6308 ext. 496 to reserve your spot

What You Need:

  • Social Security or Individual Taxpayer ID numbers (ITIN) for each family member and working adult
  • W-2s, 1099s and other income forms
  • Childcare provider name, address, and tax ID
  • Bank routing and account numbers for checking and savings accounts

Last day to file is April 15th, 2013.

Contact Us

To reserve your spot, please call us: 714.547.6308 Ext. 496

For more information, call 714.547.6308 Ext. 335 or

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