Tierney Center for Veteran Services Honored as Finalist for Congressional Medal of Honor Society Citizen Honors Award

February 23, 2021

Washington, DC, February 23, 2021 -- The Congressional Medal of Honor Society, today, announced the top 20 finalists for this year’s Citizen Honors Awards.  The finalists were selected through two rounds of judging by an independent panel, with the final round judged exclusively by Medal of Honor recipients. 

Each year, The Citizen Honors Awards recognize Americans whose exceptional courage and selfless service embody the values of the Medal of Honor: courage, sacrifice, integrity, commitment, patriotism, and citizenship. More than 75 nominations from around the country were received for this year’s prestigious awards.

Every day in this country, ordinary Americans become extraordinary through singular acts of heroism or through a prolonged series of selfless acts. These acts of courage and self-sacrifice symbolize the American spirit and are recognized every year by our nation’s greatest heroes.

From the 20 finalists, an honoree in each of the following categories will be honored for their courageous and selfless work for our country:

SINGLE ACT OF HEROISM – recognizes Americans who accomplish extraordinary feats of heroism by risking their lives for the benefit of others in a dire situation.

YOUNG HERO AWARD - Recognizes young Americans age 8-17 for their courage in a dire situation.

SERVICE ACT AWARD – recognizes Americans who consistently place others before themselves through volunteer service.

YOUTH SERVICE AWARD - Recognizes young Americans age 8-17 for placing others before themselves through volunteer service.

COMMUNITY SERVICE – recognizes a community-based organization for its exceptional impact or mission in supporting our nation’s military service members and their families.

As a finalist for the Community Service Honor Award, the Tierney Center for Veteran Services is a comprehensive resource committed to serving veterans and their families. The Tierney Center provides job training and placement services, one-to-one support navigating resources and benefits, and connection for veterans and veteran family members to quality services in Orange County based on their unique needs -- all at no cost. The Tierney Center has demonstrated fervent dedication to its veteran community, ultimately ensuring that America’s military service members receive the care, support, and empowerment they need.

The 2021 Citizen Honors Service Awards Honorees (Service Act, Youth Service and Community Service) will be celebrated on July 14, 2021 in Charleston, SC at a dinner being held at The Belmond Charleston Place Hotel in Charleston, SC.

The Valor Awards Honorees (Single Act of Heroism and Young Hero) will be honored in Boston, MA on September 10, 2021 at a dinner at the Seaport Hotel.

The Citizen Honors honorees receive this award from a group of Americans whose actions have defined the words courage and selfless service — the living members of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. These brave Americans have received the Medal of Honor for their acts of valor performed during wartime and present the Citizen Honors awards to Americans who are showing courage and dedicating themselves to service here at home.

The Congressional Medal of Honor Society was chartered by Congress in 1958 to create a brotherhood among the living Medal of Honor recipients; to protect and uphold the dignity and honor of the Medal; to promote patriotism and love of country; and to inspire our youth to become worthy and dedicated citizens of our nation. Its membership consists exclusively of those individuals who have received the Medal of Honor. Today, there are 69 living recipients of the Medal of Honor. The Society is unique in that its membership hopes that there will be no need to welcome new inductees.

More information on the finalists and the Citizen Honors awards are available by contacting Kristi Hellmuth at Kristi.hellmuth@datocwitten.com or by visiting https://themedalofhonor.com/citizen-honors/ .