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A Precious Fruit Bowl Returned Home

April 21, 2021

In 1953, Elisa’s mother and father received a beautiful vintage glass bowl as a wedding gift. This bowl became a family piece that was always full with fruit, waiting on the table every day for Elisa when she came home from school.  

Now in 2021 with her parents in her heart and memory, Elisa still holds on to this bowl for its sentiment. 

Just this last month, Elisa’s son and daughter-in-law were helping clean out her china closet and donate some unneeded glassware. They unknowingly put the fruit bowl in a donation box, and it was soon after dropped off at a Goodwill of Orange County Donation Center. 

The next day, Elisa was admiring her newly organized china cabinet and that’s when she noticed one of its most valuable pieces was missing. 

She immediately contacted her local Goodwill store in Placentia where the accidental donation was made, who advised her to email the main office with the details and any photos. As soon as they were notified, Goodwill employees became determined to return the accidental donation back to its rightful home, keeping an eye out for the bowl when sorting donations.

Elisa’s hopes started to dwindle that she would ever be reunited with her parents’ beloved vintage bowl. But she had to try—on the small chance that it would be found. 

Only 24 hours later, the Placentia store team called Elisa with news she thought she’d never hear: “we’ve found the bowl!”  

The glassware was just about to go on the floor for sale and already had a price tag put on it. Right before it went out for sale, one of the employees recognized the bowl from the accidental donation announcement and pulled the pieces aside. The bowl was saved just in time!  

In Elisa’s own words, “I am so grateful to the kindness I was shown by all for this little fruit bowl that holds a big place in my heart. Thank you again to all the people who made this happen at Goodwill of Orange County!” 

We are very thankful for our wonderful Placentia team, who were excellent models of Goodwill’s values of helpfulness and kindness. Here at Goodwill of Orange County, we know that these values are essential to ensuring customer satisfaction and furthering the Goodwill mission.  

Now with her precious china back, we hope that Elisa’s bowl will be abundant with both fruit and memories—always honoring her parents’ love and memory.  

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