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How OC Goodwill Connects People With Opportunity: Patrick’s Story

Connecting People With Opportunity: Emilio & Antonio’s Career Pathways

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Beth’s Story: Helping Orange County’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community Find Jobs

Beth shares how Goodwill OC is helping to support career development for the local deaf and hard of hearing community.

Kathi’s Story: How Goodwill Is Giving Work Meaning

Hear from Kathi about how her work at Goodwill OC gives her life meaning.

Tyler’s Story: Welcome to Goodwill

Learn why Tyler likes working at Goodwill OC.

Job Coaching with Alma

Hear more from Job Coach Alma Sanchez about being a Goodwill OC Job Coach.

More Than A Thrift Store: William’s Story

We are most known for our thrift stores. We are most proud of our programs and services that change lives.

Empowered Through ATEC: Jose’s Story

“Goodwill has helped me to seek more opportunities.”

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