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Your support is the first step in helping our community members achieve career milestones through services like 1:1 job coaching, career planning, work experience, introductions to top local employers and much more.

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We each deserve the chance to aim high and gain opportunities to grow. With your help, we’re creating an inclusive and caring future for Orange County.
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Serving the OC community for 99 years and counting.

We welcome anyone who is ready to achieve their full potential and needs services to get there. As part of our workforce development programs, we also offer specialized centers that focus on the particular needs of OC residents.

Tierney Center for
Veteran Services

A comprehensive resource center for serving veterans and their families in the county, providing comprehensive, wraparound, co-located services from a single location — at no cost.​

Assistive Technology Exchange Center (ATEC)​

Empowered by technology, ATEC matches adults and children with disabilities with assistive technology equipment to help them succeed in the workplace, at school and at home.​

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Join Goodwill of Orange County at our #OCGoodwill Headquarters in Santa Ana for our next “See the Good” tour!

Take an in-person tour of Goodwill’s mission-driven social enterprise. We’re most known for our thrift stores, but we’re most proud of our mission. Come see it for yourself.

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Get a quick and easy tax deduction while your old car, van or truck provides new beginnings for our community members. Visit or call 800-324-8796 to learn more.

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Simplify your charitable giving to facilitate strategic philanthropic goals and enjoy tax benefits. Visit Chariot to learn more.

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Provide an opportunity for individuals to thrive professionally and join us in building a more inclusive tomorrow. Contact Danielle Sheets at

Help us build relationships

Help us build relationships with real estate developers, brokers and elected officials throughout the county. Can you imagine a mission-driven thrift store in every city in Orange County? This is not your grandmother’s thrift store, but an elevated, clean and purpose-driven retail store.

To learn more about supporting our mission or inquire about possible donations, reach out to us.

Goodwill Industries of Orange County is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (EIN/tax ID number: 95-1644018). 

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