Disabilities Services.

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Disabilities services.

Positive Behavioral Alternatives

Goodwill’s Positive Behavioral Alternatives (PBA) Program provides support to individuals with developmental disabilities whose behaviors create barriers to integrating into their communities and securing paid employment.

PBA focuses on implementing positive behavioral supports to assist the individuals with achieving a higher level of independence and access to their communities, including development of safety skills, social skills, purchasing skills and self-advocacy. A Job Coach is assigned to each individual or group and provides door-to-door transportation as well as daily support.

Project Search

Project SEARCH provides non-paid internships in a variety of work experiences. Goodwill’s Project SEARCH program is currently located in local hospitals and includes onsite classes, in collaboration with local community colleges, relating to work preparation and readiness. Experienced Skills Trainers provide daily support and encouragement.

Paid Internship Program

Goodwill’s Paid Internship (PIP) Program provides opportunities and support to individuals working in a Paid Internship position in the community. All internship positions are paid at minimum wage or above in the industry of the participant’s choice. The goal is to help the individual gain valuable skills to support them on a pathway to permanent employment in the community.

Assistive Technology
Exchange Center (ATEC)

Our Assistive Technology Exchange Center (ATEC) provides technological solutions to enable and empower individuals to increase their independence and functional capabilities at school, home or in the workplace.

As a comprehensive assistive technology program, we provide a variety of services, including assessment and training, consultation and technical support, as well as equipment installation, delivery and repair.

ATEC is also a Device Lending and Demonstration Center through Ability Tools that provides free, short-term AT device loans and reuse that help people live independently. Items available for loan include low- and high-tech communication devices, magnifiers, mobility devices, computer access equipment and more.

To see what devices and equipment are available, contact ATEC or visit the National AT Directory (NATADS) website at https://myatprogram.org/home/6/100088.

Deaf Services Independent Living Skills

Deaf Services Independent Living Skills is a classroom-based service designed to assist Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing participants with the skills needed to become more independent at their homes, schools, communities and job sites.

Skills classes and services include:

  • Job placement services
  • Work services with work adjustment
  • Independent living support
  • Learning sign language
  • Video phone training and more
  • Computer skills
Supported Employment

Supported Employment is an employment service for people with developmental disabilities. Program participants receive job preparation and job placement services. Mobility training and job coaching services can be provided as recommended and funded by referral sources.

Deaf Resources

Deaf Resources provides awareness, accessibility and accommodation education for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals for organizations and businesses in the community. Deaf Resources connects communication service providers to persons who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing and matches sign language service providers for a variety of meetings and events, including:

Employment interviews
Orientations and trainings
Medical appointments
Private events
Public events
Religious services
Staff meetings

Community-Based Services

Community Based Services (CBS) increases choices and opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities. CBS focuses on vocational placement in areas such as retail, food service, assembly and light industrial.

The program provides training in the areas of safety skills, purchasing skills and self-advocacy.

A Job Coach provides door-to-door transportation as well as daily support to each program participant group.

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