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Thanks to your purchases and donations, we serve thousands of individuals within our beautiful, diverse community each year. And we’re nowhere near stopping.

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We are much more than a thrift store. For every dollar you donate or spend with us, 94 cents go into our workforce development programs.

Creating life-changing possibilities and preventing unnecessary landfill waste: it’s a win-win.

Sustainability in everything we do.

We process your donations to maximize the value of everything we receive.

Step 1

Collection point

Step 2

Sift through donated goods to prepare to sell.

Step 3

In stores and online.

Step 4
After-market resale

Auction items that didn’t sell at the stores in bulk or at our outlet location.

Step 5

Sell items that are at the end of their life-cycle to well-vetted recycling partners who repurpose goods.

Who we serve.

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Goodwill of Orange County connects people with opportunity.

Turn opportunities into triumphs.

Your support is the first step in helping our community members achieve career milestones and transform their lives. Will you join us?