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January 5, 2018

With the help of Goodwill of Orange County’s Supported Employment Program, Alsay joined the Maintenance Team at a local Walmart in August 2017. In his first month on the job, Alsay needed a lot of help from his job coach- he couldn’t grasp how to keep track of his shifts or when to take breaks, both crucial components to his success in the new position.

Working with his mother and his job coach, Alsay developed a master calendar to keep track of his work shifts. To stay on top of his breaks, he got a cell phone and programmed it with alarms that would remind him when to take his 15-minute breaks. These simple techniques allowed Alsay to turn a corner and start to thrive on the job, and his fellow team members noticed.

Impressed by Alsay’s perseverance, his team members continue to offer him support on a daily basis, helping him keep up on his job duties and encouraging him to keep up the great work.

One team member in particular has truly touched Alsay. From his first day on the job, she has shown tremendous support and kindness to Alsay. She treats Alsay like she would anyone else, often asking how he is doing or how he likes his job. At first, Alsay was timid and responded to her questioning with little more than a nod. With her encouragement, patience and willingness to listen, Alsay has now come out of his shell and communicates with her and other team members regularly.

Through Goodwill’s Supported Employment, Alsay has been given the support he needed to thrive. Customers and management have recognized his hard work, often complimenting him for completing tasks such as cleaning up spills in a timely manner.

As the months have progressed, many team members have thanked Alsay’s job coach for what she continues to do for Alsay. She is gracious, but always turns the conversation back to Alsay. She knows that his success came from his own desire to succeed and gain independence.

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