A man smiling at his office

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Blake’s Life Changed Through the Power of Work

October 11, 2019

A man smiling at his office

There are many defining characteristics of Blake. He is smart, kind and determined. His cerebral palsy is just one of several features that make him the person he is.

With a degree from Chapman University in Legal Studies and a drive to work, you would think it would be easy for Blake to find a job. However, he was struggling to find meaningful, long-term employment opportunities. But that all changed when he came to Goodwill of Orange County’s Employment First Program.

Through the help of encouragement of a Goodwill job coach, Blake interviewed for a position at File Depot in Garden Grove.

The interview went well and Blake was quickly offered the job!

Blake’s initial job responsibilities included preparing documents to be scanned by removing any paper clips, staples and binder clips. After a short time, Blake was trained to take on some additional tasks, including scanning those documents and creating files on the computer for each File Depot customer

It’s now been nearly two years of Blake working hard at File Depot. He has an exceptional record for attendance and arriving on time. He continues to exceed expectations.

File Depot has also changed his personal life tremendously. Blake had lived in a group home for most of his life, with dreams of one day having his own place. Without a stable job and steady paycheck, Blake never qualifies.

Since Blake has now been able to prove that he has employment and a consistent salary, he was approved to get his own apartment. He received the keys earlier this year, moved in and is now enjoying a greater level of independence!

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