Hinesh in Goodwill of Orange County’s Fitness & Technology Center

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April 27, 2018

Hinesh at Goodwill of Orange County’s Fitness & Technology Center

Hinesh was on a path to achieving his dreams of being a doctor. He was enrolled in a specialized program to achieve his MD and PhD at University of California, Irvine. Unexpectedly, Hinesh hit a road bump.

In July, Hinesh suffered a fall that left him with a broken neck and a spinal cord injury. He now has no function in his legs and limited use of his arms and hands. Although his life has changed dramatically, Hinesh is still the same committed and driven individual, ready to tackle this challenge life has delivered him.

It was then that Hinesh came to Goodwill of Orange County’s Fitness & Technology Center.

“It is difficult for me to fully express my overall experience with Goodwill’s Fitness Center in words alone. I started working out here immediately after I returned home from the hospital for the first time since my injury. As comforting as it was being home, it was overwhelming figuring out what the next step was in my path of recovery. Joining Goodwill provided more than a gym, but also a sense of community. With fantastic encouraging therapists like Diana, accessible fitness equipment and friendly staff, Goodwill has provided an environment where I can work on rebuilding physical strength as well as an active overall lifestyle. Since joining Goodwill I have built more muscle and improved mobility and life board transfers significantly more than I would have otherwise. Overall, Goodwill is a strong anchor point for me and somewhere I look forward to going every week.”

Hinesh has dedicated himself to the recovery of his injury, and continues to make amazing improvements with all his hard work.

Hinesh continues: “As I’m eager to return to my MD and PhD program, my experience at Goodwill has reaffirmed my desire to help others through the medical field and emphasized the importance of a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation and overall health.”

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