Yellow and chrome Flower Decor with three mini glass cups in a wooden board.

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April 17, 2018

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because the days get longer and the weather warms up enough to enjoy being outside. We always look forward to Spring in our household because it means lots of dining outside with great music and great company! We love to entertain and are always thinking of new ways to do so. Most of the time we are using the grill and coming up with new recipes to try. This time, we decided to do something a little different after bringing home a few treasures from our local Goodwill of Orange County store.

We LOVE a shopping trip to OC Goodwill and frequent a couple of stores that we live near. We’re always guaranteed to find a few things that we need or want to have around. This last trip was no different. Within the first minute of being there, we had already snagged some BRAND NEW Project 62 patio chairs and never-been-used stockings from Hearth and Hand. The patio chairs retail for $299 at Target and we bought them for just $99! The stockings retail for $13.99 and we purchased 3 for just $6! We’re in the process of purchasing our first home, so saving money is huge to us right now. Goodwill of Orange County has been one of the best places for us to do this!

Of course, there were a few other things we just had to bring home and entertain with. While we love eating outdoors, we also love snacking and putting together charcuterie boards. We found the perfect sized board and knew it would come handy for years to come. The board has three different round slots to hold cups or beer glasses but I decided to do our own take and purchased these mini glasses to add a chic look.

Three mini  glasses on a wooden board

We also thought it would be fun to add some Spring vibes to the table top and saw this adorable flower décor that we added to the table because what screams Spring more than blooms?!

Yellow and chrome flower decor with three mini glass cups on a wooden board

To put this together, we chose a variety of food items that we enjoy. The silver flower bowl was perfect for holding the crackers while the three mini glasses were great for smaller items like olives, nuts and cucumber sticks. As for the rest of the items, we kind of just laid them out and squished them onto the board to get the finished look!

My parents were in town and getting ready to head home but we thought it was only right to have them enjoy a little snack before they left. The charcuterie board was such a hit with them and the husband! They loved the Spring details and couldn’t believe that we had found everything at OC Goodwill.

As we prepare to move into our new home, we have weekly trips planned to Goodwill of Orange County. It’s a little scary moving into your first home and having so much space to fill and items to purchase! It adds up fast but thankfully, we have OC Goodwill to help with that. There are so many used and new items to look through that you’re bound to find exactly what you need.

We cannot wait to get our new patio chairs set up so that we can dine outside with our new charcuterie set up!

Created by Chantelly Satchell. 

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