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Employee of the Month Four Times and Counting

October 29, 2020

In July of 2005, John Wong, an #OCGoodwill Supported Employment Program Participant, became a part of the Job Options team at Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

Since that first day, John has worked well with his co-workers and his team and he continues to carry a positive attitude day-in and day-out.

He learned his tasks quickly, follows instructions well and works hard. He displayed initiative and independence on his duties.

John Wong 4

It did not take long for Job Options Management to take notice of John’s hard work. Within in the first six months of employment, John received Employee of the Month.

John had the privilege to work in different stations and he had the opportunity to learn many positions at the site. He not only works at the salad bar, he takes initiative to help serve food in the serving lines, and he has been learning to prep desserts and how to decorate them with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The Marine cooks have nothing but kind words for John and his work and attitude. John also received a certificate for outstanding performance within the Marine Corp. Food Program.

John’s current Job Coach continues to speak highly of John’s progress and spirited attitude toward his work, noting that John always demonstrates a strong work ethic. He works hard in everything that he does and always looks out to help others. He is a great example of Goodwill’s mission in action – helping individuals “reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.”

John Wong 4 with his co-workers at Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

Since the start of his career at Camp Pendleton, John has received four Employee of the Month certificates, five certificates for going the extra mile for outstanding performance and two certificates for outstanding performance within the Marine Corp. Food Program.

When asked about this extraordinary track record at the base, John simply expressed his love for his job, not just at the moment but for many more years to come.

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