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April 13, 2018 is the first and largest e-commerce auction platform created and operated by a nonprofit, Goodwill of Orange County. More than 120 Goodwill organizations nationwide list unique auction items on the site, including collectibles, art, designer apparel, electronics, jewelry and more.

More than 90-percent of an item’s final sale price goes back to the Goodwill location that listed the item. The more than $560 million in online sales generated on the site has funded thousands of new job placements, education and career advancement programs that have served tens of thousands of people around the country facing barriers to employment.

Check out some of the awesome items that have been discovered at Goodwill of Orange County stores and sold on

*Note: The auctions of the items listed below have ended.  

X Men 101 First Appearance of Phoenix Comic

X-Men #101 First Appearance of Phoenix Comic

Sold for $201.00 – 20 bids

“First appearance” comics refer to the first issue to feature a fictional character. These issues are often highly valued by collectors due to their rarity and iconic status. This collector’s comic stars X-Men member Jean Grey in her new avatar, Phoenix, for the first time in the series.

Tandberg 3018A Control Amplifier

Tandberg 3018A Control Amplifier

Sold for $501.00 – 16 bids

Discovered at La Habra store

The Tandberg 3018A control amplifier is a companion to the 3016A power amplifier. Tandberg’s amplifier designs provide the user with well thought controls for optimum listening enjoyment as well as flexibility of interconnections to additional audio components.

14 inch Asian Designed Enameled Ceramic Center Bowl

14” Asian Designed Enameled Ceramic Center Bowl

Sold for $445.00 – 29 bids

Discovered at OC Goodwill Boutique in Tustin

Asian ceramic bowls can be formed from a variety of different materials and are often carefully decorated. Both monochromatic and multi-colored bowls are often glazed with scenes or symbols of wealth, prosperity and contentment.

Set of 2 Vintage Microphones RCA Realistic

Set of 2 Vintage Microphones – RCA Realistic

Sold for $2,000.00 – 49 bids

Discovered at Marina Village store

Considered by many as the most natural-sounding microphone ever made, ribbon microphones were immediately embraced by the broadcast and recording industries. RCA microphones produced a quality that was unmatched by the competition.

Jack’s Belly Boards Huntington Beach Custom

Jack’s Belly Boards Huntington Beach Custom

Sold for $288.98 – 13 bids

Discovered at Brea store

For over 50 years, Jack’s Surfboards has been an Orange County icon and Southern California’s favorite spot for surfboards, bellyboards, wetsuits, clothing, and more. Bellyboarding is a surface water sport in which the surfer rides a bodyboard on a wave while carrying the surfer towards the shore.

4 VTG 1988 GI Joe Action Figures in Box

4 VTG 1988 GI Joe Action Figures in Box

Sold for $355.99 – 29 bids

Discovered at Garden Grove store

The GI Joe Python Patrol action figures were first released in 1988. This elite unit of troopers wore camouflage uniforms to mask their presence and confuse GI Joe radar detection systems.

VTG Hamilton US Navy Chronometer Watch

VTG Hamilton US Navy Chronometer Watch

Sold for $479.00 – 16 bids

Discovered at Brea Store

During World War II, Hamilton produced highly precise chronometers for the U.S. Navy, Army and allies. Before GPS, chronometers were an essential aid in celestial navigation as they helped get an accurate fix on the ship’s longitude position.

Lot of Assorted Snoopy Figures,Ornaments,More

Lot of Assorted Snoopy Figures/Ornaments/More

Sold for $318.76 – 33 bids

Discovered at Santa Ana store

Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s pet beagle in the widely popular comic strip, Peanuts. To celebrate the holiday season, Peanuts Christmas ornaments are highly anticipated by collectors each year.

American Girl Doll

American Girl Doll

Sold for $504.65 – 37 bids

Discovered at Saddleback store

American Girl is a line of dolls release in 1986 by Pleasant Company. The dolls portray eight to eleven-year-old girls with a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. The original dolls told stories of various periods of American history, but were expanded in 1995 to include characters and stories from contemporary life.

Marantz Stereo Receiver 4400

Marantz Stereo Receiver 4400

Sold for $1,210.50 – 33 bids

Discovered at Garden Grove store

The Marantz 4400 is a classic quadraphonic 4-channel receiver. Offered from 1974 until 1978, it pushed out 125 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms in 2 channel mode and 50 watts per channel into 4 channels making it pretty powerful for a quad receiver.

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