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Job Club Q&A With Alex

January 5, 2024

In November 2022, Alex partnered with Goodwill’s Employment WORKS program in hopes of jumpstarting his career. With the unwavering support from his Employment Specialist, Alex confidently dove into job leads, polished his interview skills, and pursued numerous employment opportunities.

After several rounds of interviews, Alex successfully landed a Software Engineer role at Blizzard Entertainment with a fantastic $60.10 hourly rate and benefits. 

1) What is your first name, where do you work, and what is your job title?

My name is Alex and I am a Software Engineer for Core Systems Gameplay at Blizzard Entertainment.

2) What was your biggest barrier to getting back to work?

I think my biggest barrier to getting back to work was that I struggled with my ADHD and managing my symptoms while looking for work.


3) How did Goodwill Employment WORKS help you get into working and maintain your position?

I’d say that having someone to support me during the process of finding a job and while working a job was very helpful because I was able to have someone to ask questions to and get a second opinion from on work-related concerns and my mental health.

4) What is it like being a Software Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment?

I really enjoy it. It involves a lot of problem-solving and puzzles on creating gaming systems and fixing bugs. I really like that I am surrounded by talented individuals whom I can learn from.

5) How is working improving your quality of life today?

I have money to financially support myself and I have a pet bird named Ruby that I love and can also support him. I also have been able to meet people whom I have a lot in common with and can talk to about work with.

6) What is your final message to anyone contemplating getting back to work?

Just apply to a lot of places and try to prepare for interviews as much as possible to be able to convey how capable you are. The problem I was going through when interviewing is not really knowing how to be able to showcase my experience for jobs that I was qualified for, so preparing for interviews gave me so much more confidence and it lead to solid interviews.

Goodwill of Orange County’s Employment WORKS program offers tailored support and resources to individuals like Alex to help them achieve their ultimate career goals with purpose and confidence.

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