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Job Club Q&A With Brayan

March 11, 2024


Brayan serves as an E-Commerce Clerk at Goodwill of Orange County, supporting their’s orders and listings. Initially facing challenges reintegrating into the workforce, Brayan found support through Goodwill’s Employment WORKS program. 

Delve into Brayan’s journey back into the workforce in this Q&A session!


1) What is your first name, where do you work, and what is your job title?

My name is Brayan and I work at Goodwill of Orange County as an E-Commerce Clerk.

2) What was your biggest barrier to getting back to work?

Getting out there was kind of hard. I was just in my room and didn’t feel like going outside. Some of my meds made me groggy. That was probably the hardest thing. I also needed help getting my right-to-work documents.

3) How did Goodwill Employment WORKS help you get into working and maintain your position?

EWORKS helped me out a lot with getting my right-to-work documents. My Employment Specialist, Maudray, helped me a lot. She’d call and check in on me. She helped keep me motivated.

4) What is it like being an E-Commerce Clerk at your job?

Time flies by when I’m working. Honestly it was hard in the beginning, but after some time, I got adjusted and it became more fun. I look for and organize things. It’s a big warehouse. Sometimes items end up in the wrong place, so I get to be like a detective.

5) How is working improving your quality of life today?

It’s getting me back on track in terms of being responsible and waking up on time. I plan and experience my whole day now that I’m working instead of being stuck. And I can go out to eat because I have money.

6) What is your final message to anyone contemplating getting back to work?

Just do it. In the long run, it’ll be good for you. You’ll experience life more fully and meet new people. It’s worth it.


The Employment WORKS program provides essential resources to individuals such as Brayan, empowering them to pursue their career endeavors.


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