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Job Match Q&A with Luis

August 30, 2023

Today’s Job Match Q&A, we get to meet Luis!

Through Goodwill’s Employment WORKS, a supported employment program providing individualized job placement and retention services to adults living with mental health diagnosis, Luis was able to get back on his feet and dive into the workforce with ease.

1)      What is your first name, where do you work, and what is your job title?

My name is Luis, I work at Dollar Tree, and I’m a cashier.

2)      What was your biggest barrier to getting back to work?

My mental health and the struggles with life were my biggest barriers.

3)      How did Goodwill Employment WORKS help you get back to work and maintain your job?

They helped me look for a job throughout the process, they called me to check-in with me and they helped me get back on my feet.

4)      What is it like being a cashier at your job?

Being a cashier at my work has been good. I help people as I clean my station, as well as provide good guest service.

5)      How is working improving your quality of life today?

It has made my life easier. I couldn’t find work on my own without this program.

6)      What is your final message to anyone contemplating working or volunteering?

Stay strong, and go little by little. Eventually, everything gets better from here.

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