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Job Match Q&A with Ryan

July 1, 2022

Today’s Job Match Q&A introduces us to Ryan.

Ryan came to Goodwill ready to shed his past and start a new chapter. Our Employment WORKS program helped him overcome challenges and focus on the future and all it can offer.

  1. What is your first name, where do you work, and what is your job title?
    Hi, my name is Ryan and I am a cashier at El Pollo Loco.
  2. What was your biggest barrier to getting back to work?
    My biggest barrier to getting a job was overcoming the obstacle of my felony record and gaps in my employment history. Sometimes it can be discouraging when employers don’t give you a chance because of your past. Also, I struggle with my ADHD and I am still navigating how to manage it.
  3. How did Goodwill’s  Employment WORKS program help you get back to work and maintain your job?
    The Employment WORKS team has helped me so much. My Employment Specialist coached me on how to speak with employers about my background. We rehearsed interview questions and I learned how to be transparent with potential employers while letting them know I am ready to move forward with my life and focus on the positive.
  4. What is it like being a cashier at your job?
    I love helping people and always do my best to get my customers’ orders right. I am that employee that will take an extra 30 seconds to ensure the order is correct. I also enjoy it when I can help customers save money by offering different options on the menu.
  5. How is working improving your quality of life today?
    I now get to spend and have money to do the things I want to learn and do. I want to start learning how to DJ and my job allows me to have the money to be able to try new hobbies.
  6. What is your final message to anyone contemplating getting back to work?Steve Jobs once said “It is better to make bad decisions and to fix them than to not make any decisions at all.” I guess what I am trying to say is get out there and try to learn a new job or skill because it will be better than not trying at all.

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