Rachel at the city chamber office

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Rachel’s Triumphant Return to Work

March 3, 2022

When the pandemic put many jobs influx, the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce held one job without question.

Rachel loved her job at the city chamber office. Through Goodwill’s Community Based Services program, she was matched with her perfect job back in 2016. She is integral to the operation of the office, managing member renewals and new member letters, scanning and sending expense reports, ensuring all documents and packets are prepared for the weekly Network Connection Luncheon, and so much more.

Due to Rachel’s health condition, she was not able to return in-person for work for longer than anticipated. In Rachel’s absence her job coach Adrienne would work Rachel’s scheduled shifts while also providing remote services for Rachel so she continued to have routine and purpose in her days.

Throughout the pandemic, the Yorba Linda Chamber continued to hold a spot for Rachel – to them, it was her job, and her job only.

Rachel at the city chamber office

After several long long months, Rachel was finally able to return to in-person programming and work. Rachel was over the moon excited to return to work. I think the picture says it all – Rachel is beaming.

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