Jim Martin


Sharing Goodwill: Donating Life

April 19, 2021

People may be familiar with Donate Life California’s pink dot sticker on driver’s licenses, which indicates that someone is an organ donor. But now for the whole month of April, donor registration can also occur at Goodwill of Orange County’s 24 donation sites.

In recognition of April as National Organ Donation Month, Nicole Suydam spoke with Jim Martin on this podcast episode of Sharing Goodwill. As CEO of Donate Life California, Jim is a passionate advocate of organ, eye, and tissue donor registration. Together, Goodwill and Donate Life are partnering to encourage life-saving organ donations—one registration at a time.

After working in community mental health, foster care, and special education for 30 years, Jim has always loved serving others. He has been able to continue this passion through Donate Life, striving to save lives through organ registrations.

On Sharing Goodwill, Jim talks about California’s desperate need for organ donors, especially now. Out of the United States’ 108,000 people waiting for a transplant, California makes up 22,000 of that population.

Jim and Nicole also discuss the possible hesitations and barriers that may prevent someone from registering to be an organ donor. Jim encourages people to research the myths that may be circulating about donor registration and become educated about the facts of organ donation.

Most importantly, this podcast episode focuses on organ donation’s incredible ability to save lives. Jim says that it’s hard to keep a dry eye when hearing about donor recipients getting a second chance at life—typically feeling so grateful that they don’t want to waste it.

To learn more about how you can make this powerful impact, tune in to Sharing Goodwill at Episode 12: Jim Martin of Donate Life California | Spreaker, or visit Donate Life Store at Orange County Goodwill Stores for more details.

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