Bill Calliham

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September 7, 2018

Bill Calliham

“It’s been a lot of hard work, but I am pretty independent now and the Goodwill Fitness & Technology Center has helped me tremendously,” says Bill Calliham reflecting on his past six years of membership.

After being diagnosed with Guillan-Barré syndrome, the mobility of his arms and legs was greatly affected. Bill went from being able to easily accomplish any task or get anywhere he’d like without a second thought, to having very limited motion and strength. Bill was referred to Goodwill of Orange County’s Rogers A. Severson Fitness & Technology Center by another therapy resource as a great place to go to regain strength and increase his range of motion.

When Bill first arrived at the Goodwill Fitness & Technology Center and began his training sessions, he was extremely dependent on slide boards and trainers to assist him with machines and equipment.

“The type of illness I have is a slow recovery,” says Bill. But, that never stopped him from maximizing his ability and working toward his personal best.

“During our workouts, we focus on all the different aspects of gait training, so relearning how to walk efficiently and safely. On the days we are not walking, we focus on balance with different exercises such as rows, shoulder extensions and overhead reaches,” describes Joey, senior trainer at the Goodwill Fitness & Technology Center, who has been working with Bill for the past two years.

Today, Bill drives a car with hand controls, can navigate himself in and out of the car with a wheelchair, and is able to stand and walk with the help of two canes. His next goal? To walk with just one cane by his side.

“I think the biggest change I’ve seen in Bill has been his confidence – it has just skyrocketed,” said Joey. “My favorite times with Bill are when he tries something new that scares him. After accomplishing it, he has an energy and a smile that is awesome and you know he is proud of himself.”

“This is the greatest place,” Bill stated. “I’ve told so many people about the Goodwill Fitness & Technology Center. I mean you’ve got every piece of equipment and helpful trainers right there with you. It’s really, really just a great environment.”

Bill Calliham in front of  Goodwill of Orange County’s Rogers A. Severson Fitness & Technology Center

This year, Goodwill of Orange County’s Rogers A. Severson Fitness & Technology Center celebrates its 10thAnniversary. For a decade, the Goodwill Fitness & Technology Center has helped people living with a physical disability or chronic illness achieve their highest degree of physical independence. With specialized equipment, inclusive fitness classes and knowledgeable personal trainers, its extraordinary 12,000-square-foot center provides everything individuals need to improve strength, cardiovascular conditioning, coordination and mobility.

The Goodwill Fitness & Technology Center’s physical therapy team is committed to providing the right programs for people with neurological disabilities, orthopedic injuries and other medical barriers to physical independence. Working closely with each individual member, physical therapists offer proven fitness options to give high-quality rehabilitation experiences and a full program of injury prevention, fitness, and wellness.

With a decade of experience under their belts, Goodwill of Orange County isn’t slowing down anytime soon. As the organization looks ahead to the next 10 years, they plan to expand the Goodwill Fitness & Technology Center’s service offerings and clientele to make an even greater impact in the Orange County community.

At Goodwill, we believe in the power of work. At the Goodwill Fitness & Technology Center, we are equally inspired by the power of working out.

Goodwill of Orange County’s Rogers A. Severson Fitness & Technology Center is located at 1601 E. St. Andrew Place, Santa Ana, CA 92705. To learn more or set up a tour, call 888-OCFITCENTER (888-623-4823) or visit:

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