Pants and shirts folded in a drawer

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Tidying Up With #OCGoodwill

January 31, 2019

Have you watched the new Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? If you haven’t, here’s the Spark Notes version: An organization expert helps clients clear their clutter using the KonMari method. If an item does not specifically spark joy into your life, the goal is to donate the item so that it can do so in someone else’s. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

If you’ve been watching and are feeling inspired to simplify and organize, we are here to help! Follow this 7-day KonMari-inspired challenge to get the organization ball rolling.

Pants and shirts folded in a drawer

DAY ONE: Clean your bedroom closet and properly fold what remains.

Take a good look at items in your dresser and closet. Marie Kondo recommends taking everything out from your dresser and closet and making one large pile to then go through. Analyze each item and ask yourself: What sparks joy? What do I wear regularly?

Properly fold your remaining items by folding shirts and pants into small squares and sorting them vertically in a drawer or shelf to ensure each item is visible.

Entryway for daily essentials with a shoe rack, plant, and hat

DAY TWO: Make room by your entryway for daily essentials.

Start small by focusing on a small area: your entryway. Clear out old mail, boxes, bags and keep daily essentials like your wallet, keys and shoes.

Well arranged work space with a MAC on a table, plants, and a chair

DAY THREE: Rid your desk and office of old papers and books.

According to the KonMari method, keeping old papers and books is of little value. Hold onto the essentials including deeds, warranties and birth certificates, and toss out-of-date bills and random papers. Reassess book collections and keep only those that make you happy.

White themed living room with a sofa, coffee table, and shelves

DAY FOUR: Clear your shelves in your living and dining rooms of what you rarely use.

Rid surfaces and cabinets of items you will likely never use again – especially out-of-date technology and pesky cords and cables!

Wash basin and other bathroom essentials

DAY FIVE: Pare down your bathroom vanity to the essentials.

Stick to the essentials and only keep the items you use regularly. Get familiar with beauty expiration dates which will make it easier to chuck what you should no longer be using.

Cluttered linen closet    Decluttered closet

DAY SIX: Declutter and refold the items in your linen closet.

Allow yourself to let go of those “just in case” items. Free up space so your necessities have room. Now is the time to finally learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet – hint: YouTube tutorial!

Organized kitchen cabinet

 DAY SEVEN: Edit and organize kitchen cabinets and refrigerator.

Much like your bathroom, take a good look and decide what you use versus what is simply taking up space. Tidy your fridge, cabinets and drawers so you can easily find and access what is used most often.

 Once you are ready to donate your unwanted items, we have just the place for you! To find an #OCGoodwill location, near you visit:

Has this trend sparked joy for you as a Goodwill of Orange County shopper? We have noticed a donation surge as people continue to purge! Show us your photos as you tidy up or discover treasures in our stores by using the hashtags #OCGoodwill and #CreateGoodwill.

Screenshot of a tweet, Marie Kondo is a fictional character created by Goodwill Industries to get me to donate half of everything I own

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