Kitchen filled with items that were bought at a thrift store


October 18, 2018

This post is in partnership with Taylor Holleman of Uniquely Taylor Made. 

You all know I have a thing for old stuff. I have said it before, but I love making old look new and new look old. This all thrifted tablescape is a perfect combo of the two, using only items from my local OC Goodwill.

There is also something about the hunt in thrifting. I love searching for the perfect piece or accent for my home and seeing it all come back to life in my space.

If you’re a local So Cal friend, stay tuned for my “Favorite Goodwills to shop” post.  

As I started thinking about the upcoming holidays and all the hosting we would be doing, I got brainstorming about budget friendly options. Then I started thinking, I am probably not the only one out there that wants the “Pinterest perfect party” without spending the big bucks to get it.

Hence this all thrifted tablescape!

Yup, you heard right. I have less than 3 items on this table that were not purchased at my local OC Goodwill.

The amber glass and copper is so popular right now , but I spent less than half the price I would have if purchased brand new. Plus I love that the money I spend goes back into helping employ others in my community.

If you watched my stories on instagram, or caught my YouTube video below, you know that one of the bread boards was a gift (not from Goodwill). The mums and silverware are also from another budget friendly store. Everything else I found at my OC Goodwill.

Head over to my instagram to hear about my new hashtag called “Thrifted Thursdays”. I encourage you to try your local Goodwills. You never know whats waiting for you.

Be sure to tag me. I love seeing your amazing finds!

Happy Fall, and even happier thrifting friends!

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