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Where is Lester?

February 12, 2019

At the Laguna Niguel IRS Office, there is one smile that, without fail, arrives to work every day. Behind this grin is an infectious joy that has garnered quite the reputation around the office. Not a day goes by where Lester’s presence and personality aren’t sought after and appreciated.

With the help of Goodwill of Orange County’s Supported Employment program, Lester has been a part of the team at the IRS office since 2003. He began as a part time of the janitorial crew where he provided unmatched customer service that caught the attention of many throughout the office. In July 2012, a spot in the mailroom opened up and without hesitation, Lester seized the opportunity to start in a new role and learn new skills.

The mailroom clerk position brought new challenges and pushed Lester to step out of his comfort zone. He tackled each obstacle with ease and a commitment to exceed expectations.

Today, Lester has become the highlights of the mailroom. There isn’t a single person on the 3rd floor who doesn’t know who he is or how joyfully he approaches his work every day. He performs all mail duties, including processing mail, providing assistance to tenants, answering the phone and tracking packages – and he does it all with a smile.

Since his journey with Landmark Services began 15 years ago, Lester has become such an integral part of the team that the phrase, “Where is Lester?” often echoes the halls if he isn’t in plain sight.

With Lester at the helm, the mailroom has become a place of laughter and joy.

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