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February 2, 2018

Unhappy with his previous job in the civilian sector, Vince came to the Tierney Center for Veteran Services seeking help and resources to find new employment. With only $10 to his name, a struggling relationship with his family and unfulfilling attempts bartending and driving for Uber, Vince knew he had to make a change.

He joined the Tierney Center’s Mission: Employment Training Workshop in January 2017. The two-week comprehensive training plan, specifically designed for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment veterans, teaches job readiness and interview skills, resume building, financial wellness, time management, workplace success practices and more. From the start, the Tierney Center’s veteran job developers look for employment opportunities and set up interviews for every veteran in the course.

During the course, Vince learned of a Marine Corps cook position. He was immediately interested, but knew he would need some financial assistance in order to apply. With the help of the Tierney Center’s Emergency Fund and American Legion 291, Vince was able to gather funds to cover the expensive costs of the Seafarers Union Card, passport and the multiple physicals needed to complete the application.

A dedicated Tierney Center Veteran Navigator helped Vince through the whole process – from identification of the job to submittal of his final application. Within a few days, Vince received a formal offer letter from the Marine Corps.

Vince’s motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard” which is easy to see as he has been promoted multiple times since his March 2017 hire date, and his salary has increased significantly. He now manages his own boat, which is a true testament to his strong work ethic as noted by the captain.

Vince is extremely passionate about what he does and is very thankful for the programs and resources the Tierney Center for Veteran Services has provided him with. Vince is quick to share that without the Tierney Center’s financial and training programs, he would not be where he is today. He encourages his fellow veterans not to hesitate and reach out to the Tierney Center for Veteran Services today.

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