Goodwill Of Orange County’s Lifelaunch: Growth Opportunities (GO)

We’ve all made mistakes. Many of us just need a second chance. For youth who have been impacted by the justice system, Goodwill of Orange County can provide just that – a second chance to succeed. Goodwill of Orange County’s LifeLaunch: Growth Opportunities (GO) training program is designed to prepare justice-impacted young adults, ages 18-24, […]

Impact In Action: Employment Works

See our impact in action. Goodwill of Orange County’s Employment WORKS team helps individuals every day on their personal pathway to employment, greater independence and purpose.   Frederick Alex Adrian Job Club Q&A With Adrian Brayan Job Club Q&A With Brayan Evelyn  Alex Job Club Q&A With Alex Angel Hugo  Job Club Q&A With Hugo […]

Breaking Myths About Neurodiversity

People smiling and posing for a photo at work place

The benefits of cognitive diversity at work. The term neurodiversity is a relatively new concept at work. Although challenging, establishing a neurodiverse workplace offers significant benefits.  Neurodiversity is a relatively new expression that refers to variations in how a typical human brain responds to sociability, learning, mood, and other mental functions. It’s a viewpoint that sees […]

Job Match Q&A with Ryan

Ryan wearing a mask

Today’s Job Match Q&A introduces us to Ryan. Ryan came to Goodwill ready to shed his past and start a new chapter. Our Employment WORKS program helped him overcome challenges and focus on the future and all it can offer. What is your first name, where do you work, and what is your job title? […]

Job Match Q&A with Heather

Heather smiling and giving two thumbs up.

In today’s Job Match Q&A, we get to know Heather. Heather was connected to Goodwill of Orange County’s Workforce Development programs through Employment WORKS, a supported employment program providing individualized job placement and retention services to adults living with mental health diagnosis. Dive in to the six questions below to get to know Heather and her […]

Rachel’s Triumphant Return to Work

Rachel at the city chamber office

When the pandemic put many jobs influx, the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce held one job without question. Rachel loved her job at the city chamber office. Through Goodwill’s Community Based Services program, she was matched with her perfect job back in 2016. She is integral to the operation of the office, managing member renewals […]

Meet Our Goodwill Insiders!

Image of 7 female content creators

Goodwill of Orange County is so excited to announce its first-ever Goodwill Insiders! These seven content creators not only have a deep love for thrifting and living sustainably, but they have a passion for Goodwill’s core mission: helping people with barriers find and keep jobs.

OC Goodwill Highlights! ⭐

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2020 challenged us to think differently about how we serve our community. Take a look to see Goodwill’s 2020 impact!